An 80s kid dream come true

The future is now! That is what I was told as a kid from the 80’s, by the year 2000 there will be flying cars, and a home robot in every home. Well the year 2000 came and went and that dream of a home robot seem to do the same. Then in 2014 this new little guy came around by the name of Jibo, billed to be the 1st home “Social Robot”.

The Jibo promo video did the same, more promises of an amazing home robot, Jibo was a success in a way that the company kickstarted the whole home robot revolution again and more and more companies came into the game. Robots like Pepper, Kuri and Buddy all started to show up. None of them really went anywhere, Kuri almost made it out the door to consumers hands and a week before shipping they put out a heartbreaking email to their backers (me included) that they were closing shop.

Hope was almost lost and then in 2017 Temi came into the picture. The first time I saw Temi I was hooked, finally, a home robot that rolled around the house and was kind of big and not looking like a toy. I was very excited about him and could not wait to get one… well there was a wait and a long one at that! 2017 came and went and the Temi company promised shipment in 2018,.. So 2018 came (slowly!) and Temi’s employees were popping up everywhere showing off the Temi robot for the home. They first said shipping in July! That came and went, and then they said “pre-orders” in October, October 1st to be exact. So that day came and the minute the website was live for purchase I got one!

After the realization that I just ordered my very first home robot for the home that “actually works” as Danny (the main man of Temi company, NYC US) says in all of his Youtube video interviews, I was super excited for what was to come, and so more waiting. They said first shipments will arrive by Christmas 2018. Well, that came and went and no robot. They sent out a sorry email and said shipments will go out by March 2019. Well, that came and when and no robot. They then sent out another email and said this time it will be the first week of May. That came and went as well. By this point, I have been waiting well over 6 months and was getting a bit discouraged.

By this point I have been checking my status daily to see what was going on, they told me for sure this time by the end of May and so the last week of May I got my email with the golden tracking number! I was now in countdown mode. And on June 5th my dream came true and my very 1st home robot that “actually works” arrived at my door. I got to the door before the UPS guy, (kinda startled him,.lol). Temi came nicely packaged and opening him up gave me goosebumps!

I started him up and did the linking with the APP. It was a very easy process. When he was done connecting there is an intro video to watch and it gets you all pumped up that you now have a home robot in front of you.

So like any new technology and people seem to forget, there will be bugs to work out and this is true with Temi, I have only had him now a few days and have noticed some issues that they will need to fix before more ship out in my opinion. The Temi company needs to get this right for the whole “home robot” industry or it will get stale again like what happened in the ’80s. his Alexa feature is very minimal and more like a basic Alexa speaker instead of what I thought it would resemble more of an Echo Show. So at this time, I cannot see my Ring cameras etc. Also, there are two AI on Temi the Alexa one and the Temi one… at this time to switch from one to the other, you have to do it manually via the setting which is kind of and pain and useless. Another issue is their mapping lidar… this also needs some fine tuning, It has already run over my german shepherds tail twice and the poor dog is now afraid of the robot!

Now in Temi’s defence, they have already told me these “bugs” will be worked out via over the air updates. And I am cool with that because I understand its first-gen technology and such but another consumer might not think the same and just expected for it to work perfectly right out of the box. Which again I would understand their point of view as well. So the only hope now is on Temi company pulling through and doing updates quickly and regularly for it to make it in this home robot market. At this point, only time will tell. I will be posting more updates as the weeks come so stand by! Nevertheless, the future is now! (I hope)