Apple will be the catalyst for North America’s 5G adoption

Repeat after me: You’re only late to a party if you arrive after everyone else, but if you get there before the event is set-up you’ll be in the way. 5G adoption across the next 12-24-months is going to be a little like that.

The 5G party hasn’t started

A motley collection of devices and a small number of 5G mast deployments in a limited number of locations does not a universally available service make.

Adoption of new standards – no matter how exciting takes time. It also takes services.

This is why the most recent GSMA report predicts it will be 2025 before 5G accounts for 46% of global connections, up from a paltry 1% this year and a tiny 4% in 2020.

The biggest growth rate for 5G connections will be between 2020-2021 (up to 14%) and 2021-2022 — the data shows 24% of connections will be over 5G.

Reading between the lines, it seems the mobile industry group is looking to Apple’s deployment of 5G modems inside its 2020 iPhones to help boost adoption.

People get ready

The report also suggests now may well be a good time to begin to think about what kind of B2C and B2B 5G services you can provide, as you’ll be able to begin testing these in North America by later next year.

The GSMA predicts we shall see 80% population coverage in North America by 2021, which suggests service availability my scale up swiftly towards the end of 2020.

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