Datacolor SpyderX packages launched | TechRadar

Color management specialist Datacolor has announced two new all-in-one packages featuring its latest monitor calibrator.

SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Studio are both centered around the Elite version of the Spyder X device that was launched earlier in the year. They are, however, targeted towards different users. 

The SpyderX Capture Pro package comprises the Spyder LensCal, Spyder Cube and Spyder Checkr products alongside the SpyderX Elite. LensCal enables users to check the focusing accuracy of their lenses, while the Spyder Cube and Spyder Checkr are used to capture reference frames to ensure accurate white balance, exposure and color in post-production.

The SpyderX Studio package comes with the Spyder Print device, which can be used to create custom print profiles. Image credit: Datacolor 

The SpyderX Studio, meanwhile, is targeted at home print users. While it offers the same Spyder Cube and the Spyder Elite calibration devices as the Studio collection, it misses out on the Checkr and LensCal products in favor of the Spyder Print, which enables users to create print profiles conforming to the ICC standard.

Datacolor is shaving 20% off the price of both bundles until July 14. That bring the SpyderX Capture Pro down to $319.99 / £283, and the SpyderX Studio to $399.99 / £319. After July 14 the prices will rise to $399.99 / £355 and $499.99 / £399 respectively. Pricing for Australia is yet to be announced.

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