Drop monthly bills low with this excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deal on EE

With its beautiful design, AMOLED display and super-charged processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was a force to be reckoned with when it hit the main stage, there was just one issue…the price.

But now, a good few months on from its release, we’re starting to see Samsung’s pen wielding handset fall in price. Falling sharply out of the £40/£50 a month region it started in, we have now found an offer set at the £28 a month mark.

Obviously, to get the bills that low, the upfront cost does receive a sharp increase, all the way up to £269 but even with that, this is still one of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals we’ve ever seen. Throw in the 16GB of data and the benefits of being on EE and you’ll be hard pressed to beat this.

Of course, that big upfront is going to be off-putting for a lot of people. For those people, paying a bit more a month could even out your costs.

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