How iPhones can help manage ‘always-on’ work-related stress

The great thing about smartphones is they help you work from anywhere, but the bad thing is that this makes it quite difficult to make the separation between professional and personal life.

This is a real problem that’s creating a health emergency. Here are several suggestions of how your iPhone can help relieve this stress.

What’s the big picture?

They call it hyperconnectivity.

It means that we are connected all the time.

Work-related email, messaging and other communications happen 24-hours a day, and most everyone is anxious not to miss anything.

Not only this, but these days we all expect fast responses to electronic communications, even across time zones. We check our messages in the morning, during the day, evenings and last thing at night. Many employees now wake in the middle of the night, just to check their messages.

And it’s not good.

We’re becoming stressed out and anxious, and the poor separation between our home and working lives means many workers find it hard to fulfil their domestic obligations. Relationships also suffer from lack of communication, as working couples obsess over the next message on their iPhone. Burnout beckons.

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