How to collaborate on files and folders with iCloud

Thanks to its system-level integration, Apple’s iCloud is a natural fit for any iPhone, iPad or Mac user that needs a way to share and collaborate on files and folders with others.

Here is how to use those features:

What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s online storage service. It’s the place all your data is archived for access using any device logged in with your Apple ID, though the more information you store there the more likely it is you’ll need to spend money on additional iCloud space.

(You’ll find some useful tips to help reduce that cost here).

You can access the contents of your iCloud using apps (such as Photos, Mail or Books), and also via iCloud Drive on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows system or using any standards-based browser. iCloud also supports some apps, such as Apple Pay.

Apple continues to improve the service, which has become a viable alternative to Dropbox, Box or Evernote, though it is true to say that iCloud isn’t as fully-featured as those services.

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