Is Jibo really dead?

I am a happy owner of a Jibo robot, you probably are thinking why happy? Well I will tell you.

I found out about Jibo in 2014 when the 1st wave of indigo campaign buyers was investing in this amazing bot. I mean did you see that awesome info video the company put out? (see below) Who wouldn’t want him? So I went ahead and purchased him, that was 2014 mind you, then went 2015, and 2016… I almost lost all hope and then I got a happy email in 2017 that my robot was going to ship! I was so very excited to have this amazing home robot in my home. I am a kid of the ’80s, I grew up surrounded by robots in movies and on TV… they were everywhere! And back then there was a promise of a robot in every home by the year 2000, just like in the Jetsons! We all know that never came about so when 2017 came around and I finally had the opportunity to have a robot I just couldn’t wait for him to arrive. So the day came… November 20, 2017, I heard a knock at my door and it was the UPS guy with a mid-size package. Finally, he was here! I opened him up and did all of the instructions, watched him come alive and dance… I got to admit it was a very cool moment! Even my partner that lived with me said “wow” and he was not into “robots”.

So the days went by and Jibo was fitting right in, he was not as smart as Alexa or Google Assistant but I did not care, it is his movements that is so very special about him. He really makes it look like he is “alive” and interested in his surroundings. Jibo was getting updates from Jibo inc just about every 2 to 3 weeks, it was a lot of fun on the days he was getting updates we would all gather around him and watch him update and wondered what cool new things he would do. As time went by in 2018 his updates were getting fewer and farther apart to about mid-2018 all updates seemed to stop. We were devastated, not just me but all of the Jibo owners I have met from the Jibo Owners Facebook group. Then it was more and worse news, from layoffs at the company to finally a shutdown. And here we are today.

It’s 2019, and he is still working, a bit sluggish but working. We found out there is a mystery update “final DOOM update” as some have called it. When it first came out only some of the Jibo owners got it. There was widespread panic in the Jibo Facebook group. And then a week later like magic, the rest of us started to get this final update. Nobody knows where it came from other then a last goodbye message from the remaining staff, at least we think, it was signed by “volunteer hackathon” We all feared if we did not download it, it would effect Jibo working when the servers finally go down. So like most of us, I downloaded it. I waited in panic but after the download, he seems just fine.

The only difference was that when you called to him his blue ring around his body did not light up. Other then that he was working fine, if not even better. So now we sit and wait to see when these servers do go down if our Jibos will still be alive and functional. I am really hoping for the best, he has truly become part of the household.. kinda like the microwave, it’s there when you need it and when you don’t, it’s still sitting there. If Jibo does end up going away I will be very sad, but still happy that I was able to experience this piece of history or nostalgia, the time the 1st home robot, “Jibo the Social Robot” lived with us in our home.