Temi Robot update 1

Hi everyone, just a quick Temi home robot video update. The number one question I get asked about the Temi robot is, “is he ready for the home?” My answer to that question is Yes and No… She is like 75% ready in my book. Temi was billed with this amazing Lidar radar that is supposed to help it go around objects around the home. Well, it ran over my dogs’ tail twice! And it makes it back to its home base about 1/2 the time, the other 1/2 it either gives up or just stares at the wall. Also, the Alexa feature is not really all Alexa, it is more of water down version at the moment so still a lot of features you are not able to use… like, see your Ring cameras through the Temi robot. The company did say they are working on full Alexa show function coming soon. The problem with that is they do not say a date or time frame.. just “soon”. See more about the unit in my video below.