The Witcher season 2: release date, new characters and what we know

We just can’t wait for The Witcher season 2 to come to Netflix already. Season one of the show, starring dreamboat jawline on legs Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, established itself as the next major contender to Game of Thrones’s fantasy crown, hunting down 76 million viewers in its opening chapter. As expected, season 2 of The Witcher will feature plenty more monster hunting, fewer timeline confusions – since (spoilers) Geralt and Ciri were united at the end of season 1 – and (we hope) more catchy tunes from Jaskier the bard to keep us singing all the way to a likely third season. 

New details are emerging about The Witcher season 2 all the time, primarily through showrunner Lauren Hissrich’s very candid and detailed interviews. Season 2 was confirmed before the show even arrived on Netflix, such was the confidence in the Cavill-led series, and filming reportedly began on February 12 in the UK. 

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