Will Apple introduce AR glasses this month?

Apple may or may not hold an October Apple event – where it may or may not introduce its long-in-development augmented reality (AR) glasses. That’s the current sense of the company’s plans based on new claims from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

First there’s the rumor…

 Kuo now says Apple will ship its long-awaited AR glasses during the second quarter of 2020; his report does seem to cast a little shade over expectations of another Apple event this month. That’s because he also says we shouldn’t expect new iPad Pros until Q1 2020, when Kuo also expects us to see some form of replacement for the iPhone SE.

The iPads may feature the same 3D time-of-flight sensor introduced with the iPhone 11, according to Kuo.

There has been speculation Apple might introduce new Macs this year, in part because the company has promised to release the Mac Pro this fall and, in part, because of a previous claim (again from Kuo) that the company intends to launch a 16-in. MacBook Pro.

Kuo’s latest note doesn’t mention that product specifically, but does present a timetable that suggests many of the new Macs (which will abandon Apple’s failed butterfly keyboard) won’t appear until next year.

Expectations in flux

New AirPods, Apple TV+ and a potential Apple TV upgrade might not be enough on their own to justify an October Apple event, said CNBC Technology Editor Steve Kovach. But Joe Rossignol at MacRumors disagrees.

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